Respect knowledge education first.Mr. Li quanxing, chairman of the board of directors, pays close attention to the educational cause of his hometown and actively solves problems for the primary and secondary schools in his hometown. Since 2003, he has donated more than 250,000 yuan to the middle and primary schools in his hometown.

Pay attention to talent training, rich do not forget to give back to the community.In response to the government's call, the board of directors of the company actively participated in social activities to help students and talents. Li quanxing, the chairman of the board of directors, has been helping poor students every year.

Cultivate people for a hundred years, care for the growth of employees' children.In August 2007, President li quanxing set aside a special fund from the President's special incentive fund to subsidize the tuition fees of 3,000 yuan each for the children of employees admitted to the university.

Take social responsibility.In 2008, wenchuan earthquake shocked the hearts of the whole country.Wanwanxing, in the first time of the disaster, took the lead in the disaster area to donate more than 400 thousand yuan worth of emergency stretcher 200, at the same time received the state ministry of civil affairs issued the production of 8,000 relief tents for free of urgent tasks.